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Training: Values-based Donor Qualification

Updated: Mar 13

Create a simple, values-based system for adding donors to your one-to-one portfolio with ease at our workshop-

Values-Based Donor Qualification

You may have heard the term "qualification" in fundraising and wondered exactly what it means. Or maybe you've heard it so much it has started to lose meaning. Here's our definition: Donor Qualification is a system for determining which of your organization's supporters will have one-on-one relationships with staff and leaders.

For many of you it will be the way that new donors become part of a major gifts portfolio. But, it might just be the way you start connecting with your individual supporters, even if you don't have a major giving program.

With any system, it's important to ensure that it aligns with your organization's values. We'll show you how at: 

Values-Based Donor Qualification.

Next community session TBD, contact us for a custom training for your team

Live, interactive Zoom Workshop

After the training, you’ll be able to:

  1. Explain why a donor qualification plan is important to focusing your fundraising and moving more money to mission

  2. Determine how your organization's values guide the type of donor qualification plan you choose

  3. Understand more about community-centric fundraising and how values-based methods can be an on-ramp to practices rooted in equity

  4. Take action on values-based donor qualification tools that work for your organization

Cost: Community training is FREE if it needs to be. We are committed to providing regular, relevant, and readily accessible resources to our community of mission-driven people. We trust that if you have resources to share you will, whether it’s by spreading the word, paying toward the cost, or posting a review on LinkedIn. If you're interested in a custom training for your team, contact us to determine pricing based on your needs and budget.

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