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How can we help you find joy and ease?

Staiger | Vitelli and Associates (SVA) is a strategy, communications, advocacy, and fundraising firm with a track record of successful campaigns, research initiatives, and multi-year planning blueprints. We’ve seen the power of organized people and organized money to create change and are committed to helping organizations integrate and leverage their program and advocacy work to increase fundraising and to do their fundraising in ways that support their policy and program goals. We’re relational, strategic, systems-thinkers who find joy and ease in mission-driven work.

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Values-Based Appeals

Fundraising appeals are more than just requests for support – they are an opportunity to communicate values, resonate with donors, and drive change. Our Values-Based Appeal Package is designed to help you with an appeal system that gets results and amplifies the power of the community you show up for every day.


This process and our proven tools is all about making the work lighter (and yes, that does mean you can use AI, and we’ll show you how!) so you have more space for ease and joy in your work to move money to mission.  ​

Call SVA to:

  • Gather information from your community to help you make strategic, equitable decisions

  • Excite and prepare your staff and board to invite more people into your mission

  • Plan and manage strategic and innovative fundraising, advocacy, and organizing campaigns

  • Audit your fundraising programs and systems to identify places you can streamline to find ease

  • Expand your capacity by hiring us as your fundraising, communications, and advocacy team

  • Build evaluation, sustainable funding, and communications into programs from the beginning

  • Frame, develop, and test key messages and train your communicators to put them into practice

  • Create case statement and gap message to share what it will take to achieve your mission

Working with Sarah Staiger and Laura Vitelli has been an incredible experience. They have an exceptional ability to alleviate the apprehension often associated with fundraising. Sarah and Laura are true experts at crafting practical, real-world strategies for nonprofits like ours who are seeking to cultivate a joyful community of advocates who are genuinely enthusiastic and invested in our mission."

Victoria Clark-West, Executive Director, Northcountry Cooperative Foundation


What it's like to work with SVA

One way we promote inclusion in any group is by making sure all members have shared norms. We talk about norms so that everyone has the same information about and opportunity to contribute to a group.

Our values guide every decision we make, from how we run our business to which clients we work with and the counsel we provide them. We coach our clients to use their values to make decisions, too.

We want to take the mystery out of working with consultants. And we want to promote the practice of talking about money. So, we are open about why and how we determine our fees, contract, bill, and work with other consultants.

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