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A Simple Year End Reflection Process to Remember, Learn, and Care for Yourself

A brown leather covered book with the word "thoughts" in the center is on a small, round wooden table next to a pen and mug of coffee.
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As one year ends and the promises of a new year are days away, it’s important to take whatever time you can carve out for reflection.


Not to analyze or evaluate. This isn’t about reporting to your supervisor or updating your resume. And it’s certainly not about judging your year or yourself.


It’s about remembering. Learning. Caring for yourself.


Here’s the simple year-end reflection process we recommend.


Find a clean page in your notebook. Put a piece of flip chart paper on the wall. Open a new document. Whatever suits you.


Write down at least three things you did well this year. We know there must be at least three. Give yourself credit for the great work you’ve done!


Add at least three new things you tried. They can be big or small. Maybe they worked, maybe they didn’t, but give yourself credit for trying.


What were your top two challenges of the year? How did you tackle them?


What did you learn? From your successes, your experiments, and your challenges. What lessons will you carry with you into 2024 and beyond?


Who did you learn from? Who did you learn with? Who are the important mentors and colleagues that make up your community of support? Make a note to let them know and to keep in touch.


And, finally, make a note about or add an emoji to show how you’re feeling as this year ends and the new year begins.


Take a look at your reflections. You’ve done good, friend.

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