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Values-Based Planning

Chart the path to the future you envision using your values as your compass.

Achieve your vision – and fully fund it – with plans grounded in your values.

  • Development Planning

  • Strategic Planning

Values-Based Development Planning

Dive deep into introspection, strategy creation, and actionable planning to move more money to mission while firmly anchoring every step to your core values.

Guided Development Assessment
We believe you and your team are the experts on your fundraising. We’ll guide your team through four hours of expertly facilitated assessment dialogues and activities to help you celebrate the strengths, acknowledge the imperfections, name the challenges, and see the opportunities in your fundraising practice.
We’ll summarize all of this for you in a written report with recommendations for taking your fundraising to the next level and spend another two hours with you and/or your team to make meaning of it all.
Cost: $5,000
Strategy and Practice Screen

Fundraising opportunities are abundant. The strategy options seem endless. Analyzing each one eats up so much time. How can you quickly decide which opportunities are right for your organization?


With a Values-Based Strategy and Practice Screen.


We’ll help your team build this important decision-making tool in an engaging, three-hour dialogue rich session. We’ll provide some tips to start using it and be on call for two months to provide guidance via phone, text, or email.


Cost: $3,500-$5,000

Values-Based Fundraising Plan

Transition from strategic ideation to action with a Values-Based Fundraising Plan. We’ll work with you to create a clear 12-month integrated fundraising action plan to guide your work and a straightforward tool to track your progress and adjust your strategies as you go. We’ll provide text and email support for the first quarter of your plan and facilitate a session to review the first quarter, so you have a model for how to check alignment, make adjustments, and celebrate successes.


Cost: $5,000-$10,000

Get the full Values-Based Development Planning package and SAVE 10% or more.

Sign-on for any of our Values-Based Development Planning packages and we’ll throw in these FREE resources:

  • Curated Resource list for your team

  • Access to SVA’s proprietary templates and resources

Values-Based Strategic Planning

In our fast-paced, opportunity-rich environment, good strategic plans must be both lasting and flexible. We believe strong plans combine two key things:

  1. Enduring vision, mission, values, and organizational strategies that guide your work for the long-term

  2. Evolving goals, objectives, and programmatic and operational strategies and activities that move you toward your vision and mission

We'll apply our decades of experience contributing to nonprofit strategic plans and working to execute and to fund them to tailor a planning process for you. 

Cost: Dependent on scale and scope of planning process


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