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Build a Values Based Major Giving Program

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Are you finding yourself on the hamster wheel of foundation support- wondering every round if you’ll fit the guidelines or if that big funder will walk away from your mission?

Do you wonder how you can ever have a major gifts program when you only have a handful of individual donors giving small amounts?

Not sure how to convince your Executive Director and board that investing time and money in an individual giving program is worth it?

Then you're on just the right path to finding something better. Really! These are the questions one asks just before deciding something needs to change.

We want to support you on that journey by sharing how to:

Build a Values-based Major Giving Program

Next Community Session is TBD, sign up for our e-news to hear when it will be offered next.

Cost: FREE if it needs to be. We're committed to providing regular, relevant, and readily accessible resources to our community of mission-driven people. We trust that if you have resources to share you will, whether it’s by spreading the word, paying toward the cost, or posting a review on LinkedIn. If you'd like a customized training for your team, contact us to determine pricing based on your needs and your budget.

What you’ll leave with:

1. Your “why” for a major gifts program

2. Your return on investment for major gifts (aka: pitching it to org leadership)

3. Your hiring timeline for major gifts

4. How to apply a Community-centric or values-based lens to major gifts

You can do major giving differently and still move money to you mission! We're here to help.

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