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Thank you Clara Jung, CCF Hero

Updated: May 28

Sarah got the privilege of talking with Clara Jung, Macalester's Associate Director of Philanthropic Giving, during AFP-MN's session called Notes from the Field - Community Centric Fundraising in Individual Giving. The session was full of Clara's notes on implementing CCF and values-based fundraising in her work. She gives specific examples of things she's changed and encourages us who are CCF curious to move ahead -- we don't need a committee or a formal organizational decree to start making some change.

We love, also, that Clara talks about her experience with risk, that CCF can seem risky to implement and that it seems to create conflict with Donor-Centric fundraising experts. She gives her advice to keep it about the values and helps reshape that conversation in a simple and elegant way.

Finally, tune in to the replay so you can hear Clara, and a savvy cast of other MN fundraisers in the audience, imagine what the future could look like in our field.

If you're ready to talk more about your implementation list for values-based or CCF fundraising, SVA would love to offer you a free 30-minute session to get going.

Thanks again, Clara, for sharing your wisdom!

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