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Values-Based Fundraising

We’ve found more direct, community-centric ways to raise money and are ready to partner with you so you can raise all the money your mission needs.


From fundraising planning to implementation, we offer consulting tailored and scaled to your organization’s interests and budget.


We’ll guide you through:

Values-Based Individual Giving

Inspire your community.  Build your base.  Raise more money.
Let us give your current or new individual giving program a powerful boost with:


A case statement to inspire and activate individual donors


An assessment of your fundraising opportunities and risk points


An annual individual fundraising plan

These tools will set you up to craft compelling invitations to individuals who get your mission and help you get them out the door efficiently and with greater ease. You’ll have building blocks you can tailor and repurpose to continue building your program.  Cost: $20,000

Image by Jake Nackos

Base Building for Values-Based Fundraising

Do you need more donors? Of course, you do.


But not just any donor will do.


It’s important to find donors who will be with you for the long haul. Donors who are committed to your mission and who share your organizational values.


Our Community Engagement Opportunities are a tried-and-true donor acquisition system that offers an open door and warm welcome to all who are interested – then helps you stay connected with those who choose to engage.


We’ll help you build your own Community Engagement Opportunity and integrate it into your fundraising practice. You choose the level of support.


Full support: We’ll work with you to develop your messaging, identify and coach speakers, script your CEO, and write the invitations. We’ll coach you through the follow-up and your engagement strategies for new supporters, including drafting the appeal that invites their first financial gift.  Cost: $25,000


DIY: We’ll provide a live overview of the model and initial guidance for your team, provide templates for the scripts, invitations, and appeals, and offer feedback for a run-through of the CEO you create.  Cost: $8,500

Values-Based Fundraising Support & Coaching

Looking for a thought partner as you fundraise?


Need extra heads and hands to get the work done?


We’re here for you! We can shape a consulting engagement that gets you just what you need to round out and support your team so you can move more money to mission. Cost: $3,000 - $12,000 per month

Image by Peter Fogden

Values-Based Grants

Grants provide important funding for mission-driven organizations.


But getting grants is frustrating. Long applications. Not enough information. Impossible deadlines. And in too many cases, all that work leads to nothing.


And the whole system is unjust – great wealth is held by a few powerful, mostly white, people and doled out in little pieces to nonprofits willing to abide by the rules the grant maker imposes. 


So, what do you do? How can you feel good about being part of this system?


Start with YOUR values.


In the Values-Based Grants package, you get: 


3 hours of facilitated conversations and exercises to help you define how values guide your grant seeking


Key grant seeking tools

  • Grants strategy and practice screen 

  • Values-based case statement 

  • Values-based grant template 


Two months of text and email support as you begin using your new tools

Cost: $20,000

Values-Based Events

Mission-centered events raise more money.


We’ve seen it happen again and again. When you align your event with your mission and lead with your values, donors are inspired to give more generously – and to stick with your organization longer.


Are you ready to craft a mission-centered event? Or to re-imagine a longstanding fundraising event?


Let us be your partners. We’ll share what we’ve learned from creating more than 20 mission-centered events.

We'll provide:

Image by Pablo Heimplatz


Event video consultation

  • Two 45-minute facilitated working sessions with your staff and video production team

  • Video outline


Speech writing and coaching

  • Facilitated 45-minute event program working session to develop themes and outline your program

  • Written drafts of your:

    • Ask speech

    • Visionary speech

    • Intro and Closing speeches

  • Speech writing prompts for testimonial speakers with lived experience


Event Planning Guidance

  • Four, 1-hour sessions where we’ll consult with you on giving levels, donation vehicles, pre/post event communications, leadership/matching giving requests, and all the big and little logistics that come up as you prepare for event day.

  • Emails, text and check-in phone calls as needed, when needed through your event date

Cost: $10,000 

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