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Is your budget boosting your values?

In any organization, budgets aren’t just about numbers; they’re a testament to the values, mission, and vision the organization stands for. It’s a reflection of your priorities and where you see your organization heading. Often times, organizational values can be pretty hard to find. Let's change that and make sure that your budget becomes a values doc.

1. Aligning Budget with Values

• Professional Development and Staff Well-being: If your organization emphasizes values like collaboration, teamwork, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), it’s crucial to allocate funds for staff development. Feeling nervous

about hiring or keep staff? Check out this essay by Sagried Slater at CCF Hub reveals that orga

nizations which prioritize staff training and well-being witness lower staff turnover rates, leading to significant savings in the long run.

• Strategic Growth: Organizations focusing on long-term vision and impactful initiatives should ensure their budget supports strategic growth across the board. Remember, even without a formal strategic plan, aligning funds with overarching objectives ensures that everyone is working towards a shared goal. You don't need a fancy plan to do this. You can start getting lined up together today. In fact, here's a start: our list of listening questions to ask your team to assess your fundraising. Listening is such a great gift to give your hard-working crew after a busy season. If you do want more support on your strategy work, we'd love to be your guide via our three-step Assess and Act plan.

• Diversified Fundraising: If adaptability, community engagement, and sustainability are what you fight for for, it’s time to diversify your fundraising strategy. Relying heavily on grants can be a risky move. It’s crucial to balance it with an individual giving program to ensure steady cash flow and build stronger community ties. Have you contacted your individual donors yet to see if they want to related with

you directly? Here's a free call script you can use today, and stay tuned to our enews and Linked In for our next free offering of Values-Based Qualification.

2. Initiating the Budget Conversation with Decision-Makers

If you are Community Centric Fundraising curious...or all in...or somewhere in between and working on DEI, your budget has potential to be a proving ground for your values. If that's not the case for your org, time for some action. So how do you start the conversation about bringing your values into your budget? No matter your role, here's an email (or in person) script you can use with decision-makers: Dear [decision-maker(s) Name],

I've been reviewing my (or my team's) work as it relates to our organizations' values of X and X. It got me thinking how our values show up in the budgeting process. I have a few questions for you so I can effectively field questions from donors and community. How about [provide a couple of these [date/time options]? Including colleagues from [specific departments or names] might offer valuable insights and I'd like to invite them as well.

With appreciation for your leadership,

[Your Name]

Remember, aligning your budget with your values isn’t just about optics or ticking off a box. It’s about genuinely reflecting what you stand for, ensuring longevity, and fostering trust within your community. So, take the first step, initiate the conversation, and see your organization thrive in true alignment with its values.

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