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Script Sample: Values-Based Donor Qualification 

You're ready to put what you've learned in Values-Based Donor Qualification into action--go you!

As you jump in, remember that no matter what responses you get, you are learning more about your donors and building the bones of your sustainable individual giving program.  

One of our favorite yoga instructors invites us to see if we can enjoy the effort as much as the resting, to not become too attached to one or the other, since it takes both to build a practice.  Similarly, we invite you to practice celebrating identifying the "not qualified" folks just as joyfully as those you qualify into your portfolio. With your new knowledge, you can now meet their needs better and save yourself some time and effort. 


We hope you get lots of miles out of this free script sample for your values-based donor qualification calls and emails. You've got this!

To your ease and joy


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How did it go?

Did you try out the script and jump into Values-based Donor Qualification? Still feeling hesitant or have a question about how to start?


Let us know. We've got you.

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Values-Based Donor Cultivation:
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