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Using a Fundraising Status Report

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

It's normal to be wondering if you're measuring what really matters, and to not be sure how exactly to set it up. Whether you're in a small shop or large, big budget or small, you need a consistent, replicable report that tells the team how the money moving is going. It really will become the sharpest tool in your toolkit. Laura and Sarah go over their template in this video, and you can contact us to request it to follow along or use for yourself.

To help you on your status reporting journey, message us or comment if you'd like a free 90 minute session with one of us to go over how to put a report like this to work at your organization. We'd love to hear how you measure your work.

A little gratitude to some of the people we've learned from: Lori Jacobwith, who is one of the very best teachers on the concept of the fundraising gap. Thanks, Lori, we appreciate you. Also, Ash Chudgar's work on Mattering without Measuring has helped inform and expand our thinking, which is his specialty. Thanks, Ash! Finally, have you heard Michelle Shireen Muri's Ethical Rainmaker podcast episode with the Oregon Food Bank on measuring love? Thanks to Michelle and OFB for that wisdom.

A question for you: how can you measure love, or something else meaningful to your organization in your status report this year?

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