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Values-Based Major Giving Academy

Feel good about your fundraising.

Move more money to mission.

Take action on fundraising strategies and practices proven to make the most of your time and raise more money.

Feel Good Fundraising

Do you feel like there’s never enough time or money?


Does fundraising leave you feeling fake and burnt out?


It doesn’t have to feel so hard. There is another way.


In our Values-Based Major Giving Academy, we teach fundraising strategies and practices proven to make the most of your time and move more money to mission. We show you how to break the cycle of not enough and feel good about your fundraising.

Break the cycle of not enough.

It doesn’t have to feel so hard. There is a way to raise enough money for your mission and feel good about it.


We’ve been there. In that endless loop of not enough time and not enough money, and so much need.  And we’ll be honest, sometimes raising money left us feeling fake, burnt-out, or just icky. Nearly 15 years ago, we started looking for a better way.


We started trying stuff – fundraising practices that felt more authentic, more respectful of our community, our colleagues, and ourselves.


We found more direct, community-focused ways to raise all the money our missions really needed.


And it worked. Individual giving revenue grew by more than 10 percent per year over a ten-year period.


This experience changed the way we fundraise forever. And now we want to share what we learned with you.


We created our Values-Based Major Giving Academy to teach you our step-by-step system to break down the traditional, never-ending fundraising cycle using the power of your organizational values. All so you can make the most of your time and move more money to mission.

By the end of Values-Based Major Giving Academy, you’ll have:


A deep understanding of community-centric, relational major gifts fundraising.


A clear message about what it takes to fuel your mission.


Criteria and processes for qualifying donors for your one-to-one giving program.


Cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship plans ready for your donors.


A sustainable system for raising more money every single year.

Most importantly, you’ll feel good about fundraising and confident that you can get the resources to achieve your mission.

Meet Your Teachers

Laura Vitelli and Sarah Staiger

Your presenters have made the big mistakes and celebrated the bigger wins from building power with organized people and organized money. Now we have a fundraising framework that offers you more money for mission and more ease and joy in your work. With 50 years' experience and many millions raised for mission-driven organizations, we're spilling all we know so that you can move more money to mission, center your community and live up to your values. 


This is a beautiful blueprint for how to fundraise in a way that feels good and doable. - Su-Yoon

DO IT!!  You will move more money to mission without having to move the mountain all by yourself. - Kara

It's great. Very useful tools, gets tactical in just the way you wish every workshop would! - Virginia

Yes! It really does seem full of ease. - Manisha

Values-Based Major Giving is for you if:

"Their guidance empowered our entire team to construct a clear framework for assessing development opportunities that harmonize with our organization's core values."

Victoria Clark-West, Executive Director

Northcountry Cooperative Foundation


Values-Based Major Giving Details


Values-Based Major Giving will be offered live online. Sessions will include presentations and opportunities to interact with the instructors and other students. Sessions will be recorded and made available to registered participants.

Special Dates

Values-Based Major Giving Orientation

Monday, February 24, 11-11:45 a.m. CT

Q & As

Wednesday, March 12, 11-12 p.m. CT

Wednesday, March 26, 11-12 p.m. CT

Values-Based Major Giving Reflection

Friday, April 18, 11-12 p.m. CT

2025 Course Schedule

Tuesdays, February 25 - April 8

9-10:30 a.m. CT

1. What is Values-Based Fundraising?

2. Choose Donors

3. Create the Environment

4. Build Trust

5. Agitate with Love

6. Make the Ask

7. Engage with Gratitude


Course Highlights


A Deep Dive into Values-Based Fundraising

Uncover how aligning your fundraising strategies and practices with your organizational values can help you raise more money.


Live Interactive Sessions

Engage with SVA experts during seven live instructional sessions, an orientation, a reflection and two Q&As offered over the course of eight weeks.That's 11 consulting sessions for $797.


Practical Learning Objectives


Tools, templates, and resources

Master the art of walking donors through the gift life cycle, learn how to advocate for one-to-one fundraising, and more.

Equip yourself with qualification tools, cultivation plans, clear scripts for solicitations, and an annual stewardship template.

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